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Clients Experience the MAGI

Trina Gray KKS Testimonial
I came to a business retreat in a fog of neck pain from cross country travel, too much time on my laptop, and poor sleep. Amber Kivett’s pain relief system was a Godsend. She used her tools, techniques, and knowledge of the body to find the source of my pain. 90 minutes later, I was a new person. I slept through the night, I woke up with more mobility in my neck and shoulders, and my headache was gone. She listened to me, she tailored her work toward my needs and she sent me on my way with a sense of pride. She truly loves what she does! 
-Trina Gray, Award-Winning Fitness Entrepreneur

Clients Experience the MAGI

I can honestly say after one session with Amber Kivett at the retreat, my shoulder issue, which has been band-aided with Cortisone shots and other anti-inflammatory techniques, is about 50% better. My range of motion without pain has increased in less than a week, which has not been that way in two years! 
Matt Stocker- Testimonal for KKS
-Matthew Stocker, Trinity Fitness owner
Kivett Kinetic Solutions Testimonials

Video Proof of the MAGI

"The integration of her whole solution was AMAZING! Hats off to you Amber!"
- Todd Durkin

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Monday - Thursday 9 AM - 3 PM $125 per hour Monday - Thursday 5 PM - Late $150 per hour Al
Todd Durkin, Impact Show featuring Amber Kivett
Talk Healthy Today Podcast featuring Amber Kivett featuring Amber Kivett
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Monday - Thursday 9 AM - 3 PM $125 per hour Monday - Thursday 5 PM - Late $150 per hour Al
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