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Amber Kivett is the Founder and President of Kivett Kinetic Solutions, LLC, located in the rural countryside of Monrovia, Indiana, 30 minutes west of Indianapolis, IN.  Amber graduated from Purdue University in 2002 with dual majors in athletic training concentration and exercise science.  In 2008, Amber started her private practice business providing services in sports medicine, fitness/wellness, corrective exercise, massage/bodywork, sports performance, and training the “mental game.”  She serves clients of all ages and abilities ranging from baby boomers, elite athletes, children and teens, weekend warriors, athletic teams, Girl Scout troops, professional athletes, celebrities, medical professionals, and everyone in between!  

“TRAGIC TO MAGIC” is Amber’s success story of running a private practice business for over a decade, which began a few years after her passion for working as a certified athletic trainer came to a tragic pause on May 21, 2005.  Amber was involved in a motor vehicle accident, leaving her “sandwiched” between two large vehicles, which resulted in multiple disabling injuries, including eight spinal injuries, post-traumatic fibromyalgia, a severe spinal strain, a head injury, and a mental catastrophe!  After two years of fighting her way back to a “functional life,” she struggled to try to find work in the Indianapolis areas as a certified athletic trainer and refused to give up on her passion for being an athletic trainer!  She fought to survive, making money from the convenience of working with clients in her garage while raising her daughter, Zoey, who was born in 2010.  The small community where the Kivett family lives, Monrovia, Indiana, has a population of 1500, with a median household income of only $63,000.  Monrovia has no stoplights, and their closest neighbor lives nearly a mile away, just corn, soybeans, cows, and country roads!  The MAGIC in Amber’s story is her journey to fight her way back to the life she intended to live. In the process, she discovered so much more about the human body than anyone could ever learn about in a classroom or clinical rotation.  

Since starting her business in 2008, she has served over 700 clients in person and thousands virtually across the globe as a certified athletic trainer, certified strength and conditioning coach, and a healer of the mind, body, and spirit!  Amber delivers the “MAGIK” from the convenience of her 4000 sq ft facility next door to her home!  It’s the “Field of Dreams” in private practice, and new clients keep coming by word of mouth referrals!  Clients drive and fly from near and far to experience the “MAGIK” in her ability to heal and transform lives by providing physical, mental, and spiritual relief and positive energy!  The energy and the “MAGIK” at Kivett Kinetic Solutions, LLC keeps clients talking, referring others, and coming back for more, even when they feel great!  

Amber was appointed as the spokesperson and face of LifePro recovery tools in 2019 and does live commercials and videos to educate consumers about their products' health and wellness benefits. She is an Ambassador for B3 Sciences BFR (Blood Flow Resistance) technology. She is also a platinum member and active colleague with the Todd Durkin Mastermind Team, serving with Team Elevate!

Tragic to MAGI


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