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Kivett Kinetic Solutions - Movement with Purpose...Endless Possibilities!


KKS offers services that range from targeted individual appointments.


​Call us 317.480.9459 to schedule your treatment! 


If you suffer from an injury and want to save yourself a trip to the ER or urgent care, we are happy to evaluate you and provide immediate treatment.* If you are suffering from pain, we guarantee relief in some form within 1-3 appointments! 


*You will not be charged for your visit If your injury does not fit our scope of practice and we do not feel comfortable treating you, or we feel you need to be seen at a hospital or urgent care.  

Kivett Kinetic Solution Special Events

Service Costs

Private Appointment Services Can Be Booked With
Amber Kivett:

Monday - Thursday

9 AM -7 PM $150 per hour

After 7 PM $175 per hour

Friday -Sunday

9 AM - 9 PM $175 per hour

                            **Weekend Hours May Vary**                           

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