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Kivett Kinetic Solutions Facility, Monrovia

What is MAGI


“MAGIK” is ANYTHING POSITIVE that is experienced as a result of my servant leadership, whether providing services or sharing in a spiritual exchange under God.  My mission is to MOTIVATE others by ACCEPTING them where they are, so they can seek GREATNESS through my INSPIRATION and by sharing acts of KINDNESS, no matter where they are in their life.  


The idea of “MAGIK” started in 2008 when Amber Kivett started receiving feedback from her clients about the changes they were experiencing from her ideas, classes, treatments, and her energy, whether in person or from afar.  Thousands have raved about the positive energy and life changing results and nicknamed her “Magic Hands”, “Magic Lady”, “Gatekeeper of Dreams”, “Sorcerer” and more.  While she is flattered by the compliments of her results, Amber prefers to keep her positive energy and instant results very “God centered”, and came up with “MAGIK” to include her exclusive, popular “K-figure”!  “MAGIK” is ANYTHING POSITIVE that results from sharing and exchanging Amber’s energy, whether mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual!  We guarantee it will CHANGE YOUR LIFE for the better!  Our goal is to ALWAYS make you feel better, while inspiring and motivating you to be the ABSOLUTE BEST VERSION OF YOU POSSIBLE!  “He or she who has good health and no pain has a thousand dreams.  He or she who doesn’t have good health and feels pain only has one dream!”, says Todd Durkin.  The “MAGIK” TEAM at Kivett Kinetic Solutions is able to take pain away and give people their dreams back, so they call us the “Gatekeeper of Dreams”!  IT’S TRULY A “MAGIKAL” EXPERIENCE, and unique to every individual who walks through the door.  Our facility was created to provide you an ultra-sensory experience from the moment you walk in the door…smells, sounds, visuals, textures, and neuro-sensory rich to tap into your emotional and spiritual being!  Everyone who walks through the door EXPERIENCES THE MAGIK in some form or another, whether they are paying for service or not…clients, friends, relatives, coaches, teammates, and everyone in between!  

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