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Kivett Kinetic Solutions provides sports medicine, sports performance, and athletic training to clients of all ages and abilities!


I'm Amber Kivett, Founder and President of Kivett Kinetic Solutions, LLC. 

We offer "Hybrid Coaching" combining sports medicine, sports performance, health/wellness, massage/bodywork, and the "mind-game" into a full circle "MAGIKAL experience" for clients of all ages and abilities.

"Greatness is not what you have. It's what you share to others. The more that you give and share with others, the more it comes back to you when you least expect it."

-Amber Kivett

      ivett Kinetic Solutions 

Where everyone...

Kivett Kinetic Solutions LLC is a 4000 square foot private-practice world-class facility located in Monrovia, Indiana. We have been in business since 2008, delivering "MAGIK" to clients by inspiring, motivating, and educating them to become the BEST version of themselves possible in mind, body, and spirit! 


Monday - Thursday 9 AM - 3 PM $125 per hour Monday - Thursday 5 PM - Late $150 per hour Al

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